Hello DeMolay Family!

Due to the necessary cancellation of our events, we have had the disappointment of not being able to meet in person to hold regular chapter meetings. However, this does not mean we as DeMolays can’t meet and conduct business as we normally do!

I’m pleased to share news of two very successful virtual chapter meetings.

First, we have this report from State Junior Councilor Andrew Gonzalez:

Wednesday evening, Clifton Chapter held its first virtual meeting, and it was a huge success. 17 members and 3 advisors connected via voice chat on Discord. The Master Councilor conducted the virtual meeting like a regular chapter meeting with prayers, Sickness, Success and Distress and event planning. The members planned a lock-in and a dance.

“After seeing how successful this meeting was, I am confident that Virtually Interactive DeMolay will work in every chapter. I’m sure with our plan that interest will not go away.”

Thursday evening, Jersey Shore Chapter held a virtual meeting using Zoom. The chapter reported the meeting went well, but the 40-minute maximum that comes with a basic free subscription was not enough. The workaround was easy. They ended the meeting and restarted it with the same code and password.

Jersey Shore also elected new officers using SurveyMonkey and reports that went well also!

Great job Clifton and Jersey Shore! 

Perhaps other chapters could use similar modes of communication during this time. Chapters can even continue virtual meeting options after we can once again meet in person in order to reach members who may not be able to attend certain meetings.

How is your chapter staying connected?

Thank you,

Zachary J. Schiess

State Master Councilor

New Jersey DeMolay 2019-20



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