To the New Jersey DeMolay Family

While face-to-face meetings may be suspended, our DeMolay work continues.

The Adult Leadership Team has received several inquiries regarding virtual meetings, chapter business and voting.

DeMolay International provided some direction for conducting virtual chapter meetings:

  • Virtual business meetings must be declared opened and closed by the Master Councilor or other presiding officer if the MC is not present.
  • No ritual is to be performed at a virtual meeting, but chapters may use the ritualistic prayers and the Nine O’clock Interpolation.
  • Candidates may not be initiated in a virtual meeting.

The bottom line: You may conduct all normal chapter business, with the exception of initiating new members, in either short or long form.

There are a number of free videoconferencing services available for hosting virtual meetings. Among the most popular are GoToMeeting, ZOOM and WebEx.

All provide basic videoconferencing services at no charge. You are free to use whatever service you are comfortable with. Here are links to the websites so you may explore your options:

Normal chapter business may involve elections. As voting should be by secret ballot, and may be viable options.

Having regularly scheduled virtual meetings is just the first step in keeping NJ DeMolay engaged.

Your Youth and Adult Leadership Teams are also looking at social engagement and enhanced online DeMolay educational programs and materials.

In the next few days, you’ll be hearing much more on virtual social gatherings from State Master Councilor Zac Scheiss and our Youth Leadership Team. And watch for announcements regarding NJ DeMolay’s educational on-line initiatives.

Meanwhile, take care of yourselves and those around you. Check in on grandparents and others in the high risk categories. And as I’m sure you’ve heard countless times, wash those hands!


Paul E Mossberg
Executive Officer
New Jersey DeMolay



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