LOH Preceptory Officers 2024-2025

Commander - James Chwalyk, Jr.

First Vice Commander - Larry West

Second Vice Commander - Tom Bittner

Secretary - Scott Singleton

Treasurer - Ronald Murad



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New Jersey DeMolay
Legion of Honor Preceptory
Past Commanders
Emil Orey1958X
Edward Biertuempel1960X
Fred R. Brooks1969X
Rev. Cannon J. Perry Cox1970X
William C. Ennis, Jr.1974X
Donald J. West1976X
Richard Cadmus1977X
Charles Koegler, Sr.1978X
Russell A Bauer, Sr.1981X
Thurman C. Pace, Jr.1983X
Robert D. Livingston1984X
LeRoy B. Boutilette1985X
Clarence E. Brunner1986 
Warren L. Pangborne1987X
Paul Couphus1990X
Eric Johansson1991X
David A. Glattly1992 
Ross Van Ness Bayer1993X
John M. Ellerman1994 
William Anderson1995 
Leopold L. Otway1996X
Melvin K. Oxenreider Sr.1997X
Donald O'Reilly1998X
Paul E. Mossberg1999 
Leonard Vander Horn2000 
August G. Brummer2001X
Edgar N. Peppler2002 
Raymond C. Flynn, Jr.2003 
David A. Jacobs2004X
William Haller2005 
Bruce C. Golway2006 
James Earle2007 
Robert K. Pederson2008 
William J. Berenbroick2009 
Thomas Prescott2010 
John M. Colligas2011 
Russell J. Rutler2012 
Howard S. Dumhart, Jr.2013 
Henry J. Stein2014 
John S. Ryan2015 
Russel A. Bauer2016 
Charles Secallus2017 
Gordon M. Fleming2018 
Scott L. Singleton2019 
Scott L. Singleton2020 
Scott L. Singleton2021 
Michael Pylypiak2022 
Barry Cummings2023 
James Chwalyk, Jr.2024