An exciting new program for your chapter!


The DeMolay On-Demand program is a new way of bringing education and experience into your chapters to work on what matters most, where it most matters! Is there something you feel your chapter could use some help with? Need a presentation to help explain how to make your chapter thrive? How about a strategic planning session with experienced members and advisors? Well now there is a way to request this help to come directly to you!

How does it Work?

By completing an application, chapters can request assistance in a variety of areas. Chapters have the option to select between presentations and strategy sessions. Presentations are Educational Programs that are provided to a chapter in order to teach about various DeMolay topics areas, such as Public Relations, Membership, Term Planning and others.  Strategy Sessions are brainstorming, working sessions with Jurisdictional Officers, State Staff members, and experienced Sr. DeMolays that help a chapter to craft a strategy moving forward in certain key areas. Chapters with more knowledgeable members, but still struggling to find success, are advised to take the strategy sessions.

Once the state is contacted, we work to communicate on dates for presentations and sessions. We don’t ask for a specific notification time in advance, but the further away the date you request is, the more likely you will receive assistance on that specific date. It’s important to have prompt communication in order to get your request received as quickly as possible.

What are the Restrictions?

While we’re highly excited to pilot this initiative, we do ask chapters to be both considerate and intelligent in their requests. This entire process is designed to assist the chapters and to make them stronger. We do not wish to run chapters. Requests will be fulfilled at the discretion of the State Staff to the best of our ability.

DeMolay On-Demand Information

DeMolay On-DeMand Request Form