Hello New Jersey DeMolays!

  • Are you interested in gaming? 
  • Are you interested in learning about game design and development?
  • Are you considering a career in game design or development?

If you are, your membership in New jersey DeMolay is about to afford a learning opportunity beyond the Chapter room.

I received this invitation from Jacob Siegel, a senior at Becker College which is #2 college in the world for Game Design. Mr. Siegel is a marketing intern at MassDiGi’s Summer Innovation Program (SIP).

MassDiGi SIP is an internship program that runs yearly, and allows college students a chance to work on a game prototype from the ground up. The interns work alongside industry mentors to help guide them. Currently, MassDiGi has 30 of the best game development students from 16 different colleges in there program.

MassDiGI will be hosting free live streams for students, both high school and college level, throughout the summer of 2020. They hope to find students who are interested in the game development field, or even just curious about what goes on. Anticipated game development topics will cover art, programming, design, marketing, and audio. All the live streams are done by students for students, so attendees can feel free to ask any question relating to life as a college game developer, what the field is like and so on and so forth.

You’ll hear answers to questions such as: “What does working in games entail? What can I do with this degree? How can I convince my parents this is a real field?”

Operating remotely this summer at SIP provides a perfect opportunity to share and give back to those who are potentially interested in this field. The value that attendees will receive is an insider look on how the game field works through these live streams, and down the line, attendees may have a direct opportunity to effect a new game by becoming part of a Beta Team. This will allow you to give feedback and obtain experience being Quality Assurance tester. The Beta Team members will be added to the credits of all the games as well.

Here is the link to MassDiGi’s Website who is sponsoring this event and SIP. http://massdigi.org/.

The first live stream will be on Thursday June 18th at 2:00 PM EST.

If you would like to attend, please fill out this Google form and MassDiGi SIP will send you upcoming schedules and notifications for the livestreams and any new upcoming programs. https://forms.gle/9JFM9r4ZsjKCsgCH7.

Have fun!

Dad Paul E Mossberg
Executive Officer
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