Greetings NJ DeMolay,

As you know, the International Supreme Council did not meet this year. In the absence of an annual meeting of the ISC, Section 202.1(g) of the Rules and Regulations of DeMolay International allow the Grand Master to approve nominations for the degree of Chevalier, Cross of Honor and Legion of Honor, with the Executive Officer’s consent.

Grand Master Whitaker has done just that. And I’m pleased to announce New Jersey DeMolay’s Honors designees for 2020.

Legion of Honor (A – Active; H – Honorary)
Jose A. Calves (A)
William F. Guynn (A)
Paul Di Gaetano (H)
Harry May (A)
Peter J. Saunders (H)
Donald R. Tuttle (A)
Jefferson Van Drew (H)

Degree of Chevalier
Santiago Days – Union Chapter
Andrew Lloyd Gonzalez – Clifton Chapter
Daniel Russ Gonzalez – Clifton Chapter
Jason Richard Havel – Cifton Chapter

Zachary J. Schiess – William Findlay Chapter
Frank J. Schmutz, Jr. – Moorestown-Excelsior Chapter
Bryan Albert Tarr – Moorestown-Excelsior Chapter

Cross of Honor
Christopher James Horgan – Union Chapter

Comngratulations to all!


Paul E Mossberg
Executive Officer
908-338-4570 | Mobile



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