Currently, travel and visitation outside New Jersey requires the approval of the Executive Officer or Personal Representative of New Jersey and the Executive Officer ro Personal Representative of the State being visited.  (Reference section 325.1 (j) in the DeMolay International Rules and Regulations.)

This provision is geared around safety and youth protection. However, it should not be a hindrance to sharing and promoting brotherhood. 

I am pleased to announce I have negotiated visitation agreements with The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the State of New York.

Dad Boyce, Executive Officer for Pennsylvania, and I have agreed to grant pre-approval for all New Jersey Chapters to partner with and visit Pennsylvania Chapters. And Dad Brusoe, Executive Officer for New York, and I have agreed to grant pre-approval for all New Jersey Chapters to partner with and visit New York Chapters.

I have granted similar pre-approvals for Pennsylvania and New York chapters visiting New Jersey.

There are a few simple rules:

1) Notification.

We need to know before it happens. Notification is simple, an email to me from a registered New Jersey advisor, informing me of the chapter’s planned travel to Pennsylvania or New York. Upon receipt, I will let Dad Boyce or Dad Brusoe know.

I must receive the notification one week in advance of the planned travel.

My email address is [email protected]. You may also use the email link ar

2) Youth Protection. 

Our youth protection policies need to be followed the same way we do with anything else. No one-on-ones, two-deep leadership, etc. If a young lady is going, there needs to be a female chaperone. 

3) NJ is Priority One.

Our home state comes first. Please consider all New Jersey state and chapter events while planning any visitations outside our great state.

4) Finally, have fun!  

These agreements came out of requests of chapters to make things easier to promote and share brotherhood. If you have an idea to improve our DeMolay experience, let me know!

Paul E Mossberg

Executive Officer

New Jersey DeMolay



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