NJ DeMolay enjoyed a successful trip to Alexandria for DeMolay Congress and DeMolay International Session.  The Congress presented a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and enjoyed an evening tour of the various monuments around the National Mall.  Congress also held their meetings at the George Washington Masonic Memorial and NJ was well represented by our Congress delegates, PSMC Jake Singleton and SMC Matthew Gahagan.


During the business of the International Supreme Council the following individuals were designated to receive honors and awards:



Jonathon Brammer

Spencer Murzenski

Edward Myers

Jory Augustin


Cross of Honor

Cynthia J. Golway

Patricia Affsa-Pydeski


Active Legion of Honor

Kevin Jordan

Larry J. West

David R. Mayer

Eric Spaar

Andrew R. Auerbach


Honorary Legion of Honor

Rodger L. Smith

David L. Tucker

David K. Martin


Honorary Member – International Supreme Council

MW Roger Quintana


Please extend your congratulations to these deserving young men and advisors.



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