Brethren, Family, and Friends,

Let us take a moment to recognize our recipients of honors and awards at the DeMolay International Session that was held in Buffalo, NY this past June!


Nigel M. Lunsford, HSMC – International DeMolay of the Year

Matthew G. Hoffman, PSMC – Eaglet for Outstanding Service as State Master Councilor of New Jersey DeMolay

“Dad” David A. Glattly PSMC, PEO, Active Member – Lifetime Achievement Award


We would also like to congratulate the following brethren on joining and moving up in the ranks of the International Supreme Council!


“Dad” Paul Mossberg – Active Member

“Dad” Michael Cueva – Deputy Member

“Dad” Eric Gonzalez – Deputy Member


Additionally we would like to congratulate the recipients of the following honors and awards:


Cross of Honor

Ronald A. Murad (Union)

David L. Tucker (Trinity)


Degree of Chevalier

Eric R. Baker (Delaware Valley)

Garrett D. Corso (Phoenix)

Matthew T. Flaherty (Medford)

Tyler Moore (Jersey Shore)


Honorary Legion of Honor

David M. Russen

Mark E. Megee

Ian Cairns


Active Legion of Honor

Paul W. Otto

“Dad” Steven C. Obney

“Dad” Andrew W. Strucek

“Dad” Christopher Bonelli

“Dad” Robert H. Bailey


Please feel free to reach out to these outstanding gentlemen and congratulate them on their accomplishments and their service to DeMolay especially in New Jersey.



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