Hey New Jersey DeMolay! Do you enjoy Wildwood? Do you like potentially ridiculous parades filled with mini cars, guys in pointy hats, folks dressed like clowns (OK, lets be honest…the clown thing could be a little much), Rainbow and Job’s Daughters from out of state?!? If you answered yes to any of these things, even the clowns (we’re not judging), then you should take a ride down to Wildwood for the National Tall Cedar Convention Parade!

The parade takes place down Atlantic Avenue, in Wildwood, on Saturday, May 13, 2017. It kicks off right around 10 AM, so plan on being there around 9 so you can get lined up. You can put together a chapter theme, wear a chapter polo, or go completely crazy and do T-Shirt Tuxedos!

Post-parade, there’s always an opportunity to mingle with new friends, wander the boardwalk, and enjoy the classic car show. All the rides and shops are open for business so you’ll be able to get some practice for NJ DeMolay Convention!

If you’re interested in attending, or have questions, please reach out to to “Dad” Matt Golway at [email protected].



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