The 2016 Mid-Atlantic Tournament of Champions (MATOC) took place on September 9, 10, and 11, 2016 in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. MATOC is a ritual tournament that brings together the very best across the greater northeast.

DeMolays from K.E.H., TyreanUnion, and William Findlay Chapters proudly represented our Jurisdiction. The following individuals and chapters placed:
CHAMPION – Ceremony of Light (Champion Division)
Raymond Wright (William Findlay Chapter)

CHAMPION – Magnificient Seven (Champion Division)
Nigel Lunsford (Tyrean Chapter)

CHAMPION – First Preceptor (Open Division)
Harry Daniels (Union Chapter)

Second Place – Flower Talk (Champion Division)
Raymond Wright (Tyrean Chapter)
Second Place – Orator (Open Division)
Harry Daniels (Union Chapter)
Third Place – Chaplain (Champion Division)
Nigel Lunsford (Tyrean Chapter)
Third Place – Chapter Proficiency (Champion Division)
Tyrean Chapter


New Jersey DeMolay congratulates all of our champions and we thank the hard-working volunteers that made the tournament possible.

A special thanks to Dad Eric Baker, Mom Patricia PydeskiDad Andrew Strucek, and Mom Denise Vitiello for giving up their weekend to help judge the tournament and representing New Jersey DeMolay so well!




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